Review: “How to Stop Brexit” by Nick Clegg

How to Stop Brexit (and Make Britain Great Again) Audiobook

Keep calm – but do not carry on.

There is nothing remotely inevitable about Brexit – except that it will be deeply damaging if it happens. Extricating Britain from Europe will be the greatest challenge this country has faced since the Second World War. And as negotiations with the EU expose the promises of the Brexit campaign to have been hollow, even some Brexit voters now wish to exercise their democratic right to change their mind, seeing that the most pragmatic option is to…stop. It would certainly be the best thing for Britain.

But how can it be done? Haven’t the people spoken?

No. In this indispensable handbook, Nick Clegg categorically debunks the various myths that have been used to force Brexit on Britain, not by the people but by a small, extremely rich, self-serving elite, and explains precisely how this historic mistake can be reversed – and what you can do to make sure that it is.

My review: 15672691_10153902638547132_2939791566410405264_n

An absolute delight and a much-needed infusion of reason in an era of utterly mad politics. All that Clegg says makes so much sense: His assessment of the referendum, it’s legitimacy, it’s results and mostly, it’s consequences and validity.
As the referendum has been over a year ago and evidence mounts on false promises and seriously damaging consequences we need to reassess the situation, not stick by our guns in a false sense of loyalty to a narrow once-pff snapshot of the electorate.
Regardless of your opinion on Brexit, there is a lot of political wisdom and analysis of errors in our thinking. It’s brilliant.
While I;m not sure a movement, such as Momentum was for Labour, could stop Brexit via Conservative Party channels, I feel that the template letters at the end are an excellent tool.
Clegg remains one of the greatest political minds.


2 thoughts on “Review: “How to Stop Brexit” by Nick Clegg

  1. Clegg remains one of the greatest political minds.

    I was with you all the way to here. 🙂 This was the man who thought the Coalition would be good for the LibDems.

    But the book does sound genuinely worth a read. Many thanks for the headsup.

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  2. I believe that the coalition was the only mathematically available option to form a government. I’m not sure Nick believed it would be necessarily good for the LibDems, but he was clear that it was good for the country. Which I think it was overall, given the situation and election results. I’d take another coalition over Labour or Tory absolutism.
    The LibDems made many errors within the coalition and didn’t drive a hard enough bargain in it. But they got all the blame for the wrongs and no credit for the rights of the coalition, which wouldn’t have happened in a more sophisticated and objective press culture. And in that case the coalition wouldn’t have had to become the downfall of the LibDems.
    Anyway, sorry to go on. I appreciate your comment and respect your opinion. The book is worth reading regardless 🙂

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