How I felt a year ago

Facebook just reminded me of a status update from one year ago, the day after the Brexit referendum.
I’m glad to say I feel not as depressed today as I did then, but let’s not forget the vile aftermath of June 24th 2016 when foreigners were shouted at by Leave voters to f*** off and a smug Farage bizarrely claimed his outlandish ‘independence day’.

After a lot of soul searching I’ve decided to stay in the UK despite all of this, got my Uk citizenship and got into politics but will never forget the vile and hateful atmosphere of that day, and neither will Europe. FARAGE-SIGN-MAIN.jpg

The vote and what it was used for lastgingly stained our country and its reputation around the world.

Here is the post:


“Struggling this morning with the world. I had come to think of myself as a global citizen in an ever more liberal and advanced world where growing humanity and rational thinking replaced nationalism, populism and hate. I know not all ‘leave’ voters are that, but with Trump, Farage and Johnson on the rise it worries me gravely. Listening to the gloating is almost unbearable.
I think of Berlin in the 1920s where enlightenment and openness came to an abrupt stop because of economical issues and the invention of scapegoats.
If it was just me, I’d seriously consider leaving now to leave Britain to the British.”


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