A lessons in dodging questions – Learn from the best

I am in awe of our PM. She must have broken a world record in repeating the same hollow phrases for 8 minutes and not answering one actual questions. Robot only has one setting and no balls to admitting she is mis-judging the mood of the population. We know from the election campaign that Theresa doesn’t do public and is not comfortable to appear human in public.
There is a good chance that the cause of the fire is the result of a grave oversight her government has made since 2013 by allowing landlords more freedom and voting down bills addressing the safety of buildings. While we await the result of the investigation some humility would do wonders for our PM whose arrogance is slowly reduced to a “my incompetence is better than any other’s”.


Angry residents asking rightfully: Where is the housing minister? The home secretary? Where was Theresa for three days?


And lets remind ourselves of Boris Johnson’s opinion on fire services

People are complaining about red tape and regulations from the EU. This argument was part of why we are leaving the EU.
Maybe we can now realise what the alternatives to the hated red tape can be – whether or not they were the cause on this instance – and maybe we can take a step back and cut those trying to build safeguards some slack. They were trying to protect us, but the short-sighted greedy Tory government decided to ignore the advice given.



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