The mess we’re in

TM got us into a horrible mess with her vain and unnecessary snap election. She didn’t do it for the greater good of the country – as she vowed, but for her personal gain and out of party political interests.

I cannot deny my schadenfreude that her plot backfired. Most notably I enjoyed watching her being forced to declare her “joy” over old party enemies “accepting her invitation” to join the cabinet. She also called the DUP her good friends.

Well, judging from the DUP’s demanding coalition behaviour in the 70ies it won’t be long before this coalition of chaos breaks into pieces, well all know that.

My criticism of May usually gets two responses from the faithful:

  1. “Who else should do her job?”
    Agreed, the aletrnatives with a chance look bleak, to say the least. From airhead Boris Johnson to ruthless Amber Rudd, it doesn’t look good. I’d go for Anna Soubrey or Ruth Davidson, two of the last few moderate conservatives who have the ability to articulate, make sense and compromise. The rest of the current Tory heavy weights are truly awful: condescending, nasty and Bluekippish as they come.
  2. “But Jeremy Corbyn….”
    Agreed, re-nationalisation of our services seems the worst idea in our economically fragile state. We won’t have the money to buy the railways back and run them efficientlywith benefits for the already frystrated customers.
    BUT: We’re talking about Theresa and it has become Tory practice to cover up her short-comings with his.
    Let’s stick to one political failure at a time. Were he in power I would focus more on him. For now it’s Theresa that needs to be exposed.

So what’s my answer?

The Tories need to

  • move back to the political centre
  • end their automated responses of making the poor even poorer and the rich richer
  • give up their knee-jerk responses on immigration and benefit cutting to please the political extremes
  • find cross party compromises with the reputable parties in parliament for the greater good of the country
  • stop their internal power battles.  The country deserves better than this. This is not the time for their version of “Game of Thrones”.
  • find solutions in a balanced and evidence-based political middle ground,

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