My reflection on the election outcome

Of course I am delighted by the election outcome in general:

Theresa May did not get her mandate or blank check to do as she likes and
the LibDems gained more seats. I campaigned relentlessly in this election and am glad that I was able to do so.

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“If I only lose 6 seats Jeremy Corbyn will be on the negotiation table” TM said, asking us to give her a mandate for Hard Brexit, the dementia tax and fox hunting.
Well, she lost a few more than those 6 seats.  She’s still in office but she has lost most of her power.

I’d say “thank god” were it not for the DUP, the extremist party that could hold us all to ransom with god knows what type of outlandish and medieval remands.DB54xXNXYAkZiHS.jpg

Isn’t it remarkable how in 2015 the Tories campaigned against a SNP dictating politics in Westminster if Labour should enter a coalition with them, yet, our PM risks a much more volatile group with a shocking track record of hateful politics and extremist views.


Let alone the danger it will do to the peace in Ireland. The Northern Ireland peace process is very fragile at the moment, with a stand-off under way between Sinn Féin and the DUP. The UK government, which is supposed to be a neutral guarantor, just decided to pick sides.

I’m delighted that the LibDems won more seats and that some of the great politicians returned to parliament, such as Ed Davey and Vince Cable.
Yet, my personal political ‘idol’, Nick Clegg was voted out, as was the formiddable Sarah Olney (by 45 votes) and our only Welsh MP, the great Mark Williams (104 votes).

I spent a lot of my time in Ceredigion campaigning for Mark and can only take comfort from the fact that I did my best and didn’t wake up to these bad news with a guilty conscious.

Astonishingly, TM carries on as if nothing had happened, robotic, ignorant and telling us lies of all varieties to cover up her humilitation with continued arrogance that insults our intelligence. That’s not the British values I was taught when preparing for my citizenship exam and not what I can respect. I’m sorry to say this but this must be the worst PM we have had. May May’s premiership come to an end soon.  She deserves nothing else.

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2 thoughts on “My reflection on the election outcome

  1. I too feel Teresa May is unfit for the role she is in. I have always been a Labour girl but I have been very open to alternative parties in this election. May being in favour of fox hunting and charging nurses to do their degrees, plus changing the disability benefit system were red lights for me to never vote for the Torys. Thanks for your blog post Amy x

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