Opinion – Theresa May’s authority slips as she bores Britain with empty answers | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Dr Alf's Blog

Dr Alf brings us an unusually good piece from the Guardian and as much as Owen Jones is unpleasant and supercilious to me, his article hits home.

May, raised in more genteel times is not a fan of plain language which means that people of modest or low intelligence do not understand her but even the stupidest understand that “difficult choices” means getting less or paying a lot more.

They see that fat cat bosses who export nothing, sell nothing, deliver nothing and pay little are not dealt with as promised but that the “difficult choices” will be made by “little people” just like them.

On obesity, malingering, hypochondria and NHS management layering, May could have said and done something when she came into office.

With the junior doctors who were striking about overtime, swift action to fire them and replace them, Ronald Reagan style, en…

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