Opinion – George Osborne’s London Evening Standard labels Theresa May’s manifesto ‘most disastrous in history’ | The Independent – John Gelmini

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Conservative Party (UK) Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like Dr Alf I worry about the direction of the Conservative Party and at the failure of May to deliver some home truths to an electorate that seems to have had what passes for a brain removed.

It ought to be quite obvious that our public sector is bloated, inefficient and unaffordable and that the worst examples are the civil service, local authorities, the NHS, police and fire services.

Tinkering at the edges does not solve these problems.

The U turns on executive pay represented an own goal showing May to be weak and vacillating and unwilling to confront gross inequality.

I have been reading the Daily Telegraph since the age of 11 and have been Conservative all my life but a 450 to 1 gap between top pay including emoluments and bonuses and average pay is not only unseemly but dangerously destabilising.


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