Is there no end to this lying?

Theresa May added a small detail to her callous plan to rob Alzheimer patients of their livelihood and some media have fallen for this tactic and call it a U-Turn? It’s a change of a minor detail, but the rest stays the same. #posttruths #fakenews
“However, the money would have to be paid by offspring who could be forced to sell their parents’ property and lose huge amounts . The fear is that the policy will claw away at the inheritance of the children of Alzheimer’s sufferers, while those whose parents have conditions such as cancer that qualify for NHS care would not be affected ”

I’ve tried so long to like our new Prime Minister and hope she would bring some moderation to her party. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s shown her true chilling colours now. She’s a national disgrace. Don’t fall for it. Don’t put the wolf in sheeps clothing in charge.



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