Campaigning in Wales #Libdems

This is my first time campaigning at a General Election and I have never been so motivated. I have the utmost privilege to be part of several highly efficient and sincere teams: Canvassing and leafletting in Brecon town Ystradgynlais for the remarkable James Gibson-Watts with my party colleagues from Carmarthenshire; supporting our Carmarthenshire East and Dinefwr candidate Lesley Prosser and working in the Welsh LibDems headquarters in Aberystwyth.

I get little else done, but never has there been so much at stake. This is not about disagreeing on small issues. Theresa May is gambling to get the mandate for a grim future, with many nasty policies seemingly fallen under the radar:

* Leaving the EU in the worst possible and self-harming way
(Hard Brexit, fixating irrationally and ineffectively on immigration and provoking her opponents on the negotiation table, although that’s not at all new)

* Providing no serious rescue plans for the NHS
(We all know privatisation and outsourcing is going to come)

* Allying herself with other authoritarian leaders in exchange for futrue trade deals (goodbye Europe’s safeguards and hello Trump with his GMO modified food and hormone-treated meat)

* Taking from the most vulnerable to finance nuclear defence systems and tax cuts
(Dementia Tax, housing benefit for the young are amongst her biggest achievements in this area – nasty party indeed)

* Pleasing Tory party donors by bringing up the long forgotten issue of fox hunting for pleasure (Where else would this be coming from if not from her blood hungry donors)

* Removing our civil and human rights wherever possible
(Internet intrusion, opting out of human rights conventions, governmental spying and whatever the small print hinted at but couldn’t be bothered to spell out)

In short, a frightening future for anyone with decent, open and tolerant values, anyone who cares for someone besides themselves. Do people really believe this is the better option? The mean spirited manifesto shows what is to come if we’re not careful. Please think hard before giving TM a mandate and a blank cheque. Think about what it’ll do to our remarkable country if you are supporting her course.




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