Are we all asleep?

Can you believe the kind of lies, cheating and alternate truths being told these days without any consequence, not just across the pond by Trump but by our own PM Theresa May? Are we all asleep? I’m gobsmacked, but we had so much of it this last year, we’re probably getting numb, and that’s what May is banking on, not on proving her points in actual debates. She can lock journalists out of her events, but here, I’m not letting her get away with this fascism:

On Brexit – 52%, its the ‘will of the people’ On fox hunting – 84% support the ban, but she thinks it’s important now to have a free vote #doublestandards #notdemocracy #torypartyinternaldealingsoverwillofpeople

“I’m listening to people directly” – Channel 4 political correspondent Michael Crick claimed a member of Ms May’s campaign team told him not to bother raising his hand to ask a question as he “wasn’t on the list”.


Don’t be fooled by power hungry Theresa May. Stop her imposing Nigel Farage’s vision on Britain by voting Liberal Democrats on June 8.


If you only watch one video this election campaign, make it this one



3 thoughts on “Are we all asleep?

  1. It’s almost too much to absorb. I find myself paralyzed most of the time with the inundation of doublespeak, lies, and subterfuge. Do they really think the majority of us are so stupid to believe what spews from their mouths? I find myself unable to even work some days, and then I realize it’s because I just watched the news. I know I can’t bury my head, but I have been turning off the constant chaos more than ever. Unfortunately, I believe it’s this chaos theory that motivates them. It’s the way Trump ran his business, so it’s no different now. Sorry to be so down this morning, but it’s weighing on me. Thank you for keeping up with all the nonsense.

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