“An Illusion of stability” by Dan Warren

Source: http://www.thewhatandthewhy.com/an-illusion-of-stability/

Theresa May would like us all to believe that she and the government offer “strong and stable leadership”. In reality, her plans could be said to be falling apart as she indulges in a fantasy of Britain as a world superpower able to dictate its terms to our closest neighbours and beyond in regards to trade. What we have is a political circus where no one knows which act will get star billing. The lion tamer, May, projects strength but does little to convince that her policies couldn’t be ripped apart. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Philip Hammond, and David Davis have their own side shows ranging from the talented provocateurs to the downright clownish.

It’s not unusual for politicians to wish to project strength. Strong leadership is currently the fad for many populist politicians around the globe, giving rise the new phrase “authoritarian populism”. Strength was the byword of the recent Turkish referendum in which President Erdogan was granted sweeping new powers. Yet Erdogan’s victory was only narrow (only 51.4% for “Yes”) with the media here in the UK quick to report that the result could be challenged. Of course, the same media rarely make the case for challenging another recent referendum. Like the Referendum here, Turkey saw wide discrepancies between the metropolitan areas and the regions. The districts containing Turkey’s three largest cities all voted against the president in the same way that the cities tended to vote Remain.

“Strength”, then, seems to depend on who is projecting it.

For the full article read http://www.thewhatandthewhy.com/an-illusion-of-stability/


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