Stop the proposed poultry unit in Llangadog

26B495BB00000578-0-image-a-18_1426631843341A 32,000 poultry unit is proposed for Llangadog village, bringing smell of chicken manure from an unsightly 7m high building, noise and extra traffic through the village. This new unit is proposed just across the common at Carregsawdde, next to a CL caravan site, a bed and breakfast and other properties within metres.

The proliferation of chicken farms in rural Wales is of grave concern, both for their threats to wildlife and on moral grounds.32,000 hens would be double the RSPCA recommended amount. 32,000 birds is industrial farming and will produce over 1,300 tons of manure annually, with a danger of polluting the local waterways which are renowned for their salmon and sea trout as well as other riparian species such as otters and little-ringed plover.

The manure smell, fumes and noise coming from the shed will make the area unpleasant for residents and especially for walkers and riders.

For the sake of the residents of Llangadog, make an objection online or write to

Kevin Phillips

Planning Services

Civic Offices

Crescent Road

Llandeilo SA19 9HW

Planning reference E/33695


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