Recycling centres and Brexit matters in Wales

Our local recycling centre in Llangadog recently closed due to a deadlock between the company running it and the local council. I know from canvassing in September how important this issue is to people. Plaid won the seat with a last minute leaflet promising to fix this, but their fix lasted less than 6 months.

Now I came across a post by my fellow LibDem and Brecon councillor Sam Bennett where our LibDem Assembly member Kirsty Williams found a similar issue on their doorstep in Powys. Kirsty is the Assembly Education Secretary for Wales and her commitment to improving education is already showing great results. I know whom I’d entrust to make a lasting change.

On May the Fourth you have the power to vote for change. If environmental issues and recycling are important to you, look at the LibDem policies and find how seriously committed we are to this issue.

And there’s another good reason to vote LibDems:
We’re also the only party who actively opposes the Hard Brexit policy of the conservative government.
I’ve read a few tweets by Leanne Wood complaining that the LibDems don’t acknowledge Plaid’s efforts for the same cause, but I have heard and witnessed little besides those tweets in actual action. During the referendum I saw Labour Youth and LibDems only in Carmarthenshire and found that Plaid kept their position on Brexit decidedly quiet.

Our Plaid Carmarthenshire MP John Edwards just about managed to abstain from the vote that gave Teresa May a blank cheque in the Brexit negotiations, denying parliament and people the opportunity to reject the unelected PM’s efforts, instead of denying her such powers.
Sorry Leanne, if you want to be taken seriously in your opposition, then do something besides tweeting.

LibDems put country before party by opting for hard work in a difficult coalition. Plaid and Labour put party interests ahead of country by choosing not to campaign against the self-harm of Brexit.




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