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statute-of-liberty-cryingMy grandfather, Edwin Stephens, came from Cornwall to the United States in 1900. Here’s an excerpt from his autobiography that shows how the arrival in New York symbolized so much for a young man of twenty-one who yearned to start a new life full of promise. Our new president doesn’t care or doesn’t realize what he destroyed with one grandstanding sweep of his pretty little pen. He demolished hope.

And, yes, I’m proud to be the granddaughter of an immigrant to the United States. Not only is  Lady Liberty crying today, my grandfather must be looking down upon this debacle and weeping.

From the “Autobiography” of my grandfather, Edwin Stephens (1876-1943)

Ancestry and Parentage

A scion of old Cornish, Celtic stock,

Whose forebears roamed at large on Britain’s isles

Ere Norseman found their rugged wave-lapped shore

Or Danish hordes invaded them for spoil;

Where Druid devotees made offerings

Of human…

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