Deflection and discrediting of critics – that’s all he’s got

Instead of answering the outrage of this

Image result for trump mocking disabled

and this


let’s just discredit his critics and hope this will cover up the actual failure as a human being that has become the president:



The lowest form of discussion now becoming the norm.

God hels us all.


Women making themselves sex objects is their choice and all three are headstrong women who have more to offer than their body. Trumps sexism is appaling

I don’t think it’s classy behaviour but I don’t think that discrediting his critics should be used to cover up his massive shortcomings as a human being, such as mocking disabled people and calling Mexicans rapists, to name a few. The ladies in questions don’t oppose him only on sexist charges. I wish those were the only accusations to be made



5 thoughts on “Deflection and discrediting of critics – that’s all he’s got

  1. I’m not willing to sit silently and watch Mr. 45 bully his way into history. His loose relationship with the truth has been a stone in my shoe from day one.

    My greatest concern is his list of nominees for the SCOTUS. They are not progressive and one in particular would have absolutely no problem rolling back gay and women’s rights in this country. If that doesn’t motivate active participation as citizens, I don’t know what will.

    I’ll burn-up the phone lines in Congress before I just sit in front of the TV and shake my head.

    I lived through this once as a girl, I won’t tolerate it again. I experienced the ease with which people could volley racial epithets at me because it was tolerated in this society. I watched in horror as my ‘conservative and God lovin’ government turned it back as millions of our sons and brothers died of AIDS before they were shamed into displaying some humanity.

    I will not watch the rise and hypocrisy of the Morality Police in my country again without speaking out.

    Truth matters! Humanity matters! Compassion matters! Love matters!

    He has consistently shown us he doesn’t value truth, has a tendency to be without compassion when others disagree, is all about the win and is disgraceful towards women.

    This should frighten every single, freedom loving American. This should cause them to stand up and speak up.

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  2. Sigh. I keep saying this, but it’s worse than I ever thought it could be. I’ve started a blog as well, and hope when it’s up and going, you’ll give me a look. I can’t sit back and watch the destruction of my country with every executive order he signs taking away rights. Keep up the good work here, Christoph.

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    1. Looking forward to reading your new blog. I;m sure to give it more than a look. I’m waiting for the people in his own camp to wake up and smell the dictatorship. Concerned but feeling re-assured by the people of the ‘resistance’.
      Much love

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      1. That’s the only thing keeping me sane at this point. There are those who will stand up. I’m going slow with my blog – have to write sometime. But I hope to get some things going with it this weekend. My first post will be on “freedom of the press” and reminding folks what it really means and why. I shouldn’t have to tell people that alternative facts is an oxymoron. Look at the word “ox plus moron”–very appropriate.

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