Demonising of the term ‘liberalism’

I see myself as mainly in the centre and only the ugliness of Farage and Trump campaigns pushed me further into what has become left territory. Obama was much a man of the centre and of dialogue and compromise. Liberalism is defined in many ways and includes values that reach beyond the political and certainly aren’t left to start with.

It hurts and insults to see the humanitarian side of liberalism tarred with the same brush as economical liberalism.

I agree that somehow politics seem to clash with the demands and views of the ‘little man’. I doubt that Trump will deliver, though.
It’s the deliberate divisiveness that makes his words of putting America first again a problem. If he found a non-offensive way of articulating himself and his goals as well as implementing them with humanitarian values assured and some hint of decency, his populism wouldn’t sound so worrying. His protectionism will not just hurt others but most likely will backfire through retaliation. Complexities in politicsd and trade cannot be narrowed down to the length of his tweets.

It’s the simplification of issues that makes Trump and Farage so dangerous. Their unpredictiveness has a hint of dictatorship to it. Farage had a chance to change politics in Brussels, especially the fishing rights issues but decided not to attend such meetings and just point out shortcomings of the existing system.


Despite extensive reading of political information I acknowledge that I do not understand all the complexities of EU law and other issues. That’s why expert mediators are needed, the very people that populists have come to distrust and often unfairly discredit.

The likening of ‘liberalism’ to communism is absurd, much more so than the criticised likening of Farage and Trump to men from the 1930s.

Compromise isn’t simple but to me it is the essence of democracy. Dictatorship of 50.1% is not.



2 thoughts on “Demonising of the term ‘liberalism’

  1. Reblogged this on Frank Parker's author site and commented:
    Whether it’s May’s response to 23/6/16 or Trump’s inaugural speech, actions speak louder than words. How is it possible to unite a divided country by further alienating the half with which you disagree? It is because I believe in listening to both sides of an argument and making a judgement based on what I believe will be for the greatest good for the greatest number that I have always been and always will remain a Liberal.


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