How do Birmingham’s Polish expats feel now?

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New mother Magdelene Gedlinske, 24, said she hadn’t seen much of a change in the community since the vote.

“I haven’t been abused or anything. Some people I know have decided to go back to Poland after having problems at work – their colleagues saying things to them. I have been here many years now, I have work and a one-month-old girl, so I am planning to stay if I can.”

Shop assistant Marita Dobosz, 18, who arrived in Birmingham aged eight from Kwidzyn, is more wary.

Marita Dobosz
Image captionMarita Dobosz said she had been abused in the street since the referendum

“I was a little bit scared at first. People did not want us here. I was attacked at a bus stop – someone saying ‘Polish bitches, all of you need to go home, then we will be clean’.

“A lot of my friends have gone back to Poland since the vote, and I know more are planning to.

“I have been here since I was eight. England is my country. But I do see things changing. I’m not sure I feel safe any more.”

For full article follow this link:


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