Is it Christmas yet?

I’m incredibly lucky in that I live in a town that voted 70% remain, a place where my sexuality, my marital status, my political orientation and my foreigness do not prevent me from being integrated in a vibrant and caring environment.
There are Syrian refugees in town, and plenty of locals have immediately gone round to them to welcome them and make sure they have everything they need.

Looking at the world at large, the picture is, however, a bit more grim. The Christmas Spirit towards others seems to be limited. Terror attacks seem to have killed goodwill, even to those others that never did anything wrong, but share the same skin colour or nationality to the culprits. People had enough and want everyone else out.

The Daily Mail never fails to incite hatred and tell lies download (14).jpg

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and it seems that much of the Brexit and Trump comes from nowhere else but a position of hate, exclusion and bitter selfishness. As long as we get the bloody foreigners / Mexicans / Polish out it doesn’t matter if our economy slumps. Rational arguments and facts don’t get through to these emotionally charged people.

download (15).jpg

EU immigration is unlikely to be curbed without serious economical self-harm. But you will be vilified for mentioning this.

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Those denying the correlation between free movement and access to the single market behave like angry and unreasonable children stomping their feet, ignorant in the face of facts and ready for trashing judges for doing their job, happy to take into account any self-harming consequences as long as they get their way and the satisfaction of having won an emotional battle.

And all for the sake of exclusion and separation. It’s definitely not feeling like Christmas in the world and in the future, there are going to be a lot of very lonely Christmasses ahead.


One of the many things I admired about the Uk and that made me look up to the great Nation was this initiative, but, some thirty years on, that spirit seems to have ebbed away. Can’t we try and re-capture it?


3 thoughts on “Is it Christmas yet?

  1. You mean that you don’t suffer hate 30% of the time? How strange given that you say much of Brexit comes from hate but your town only voted 70% Bremain.
    In the UK I haven’t noticed a decline in Christmas spirit any more than usual as people just find it a drag on their limited resources. Nor have I had any Brexit conversations for some while now. It isn’t at the forefront of our minds.
    I can’t comment on the Daily Mail since I don’t read papers like that and I doubt many Brexiteers do either. If they become too inventive with the news they’ll lose readers anyway..
    As with most people who voted to leave the EU I’ve never yet gone round asking for the removal of the Poles or anyone else. It’s wrong of you to keep citing that and tarring the many with the same brush s the few. I wanted a reduction in the way we had to accept unlimited immigrants and the ability to take refugees before economic migrants. Above all it had to be a UK choice and not numbers set by the EU.
    To say rational arguments don’t get through because we’re emotionally charged people is little short of insulting.Have the Bremain side forgotten just how much the benefits bill in he UK is since there has been their vaunted freedom of movement? It’s so bad that the Government set about finding a way to reduce the bill which has meant a review of DLA and turning it into PIP which has so far seen many payments reduced or stopped at the expense of the long term sick and mentally ill. Not emotionally charged rhetoric, just facts.
    You mention the single market which has been in the main good for the UK though not always as we can’ set our own prices and we are limited as to what trade we can do outside the single market. That is restrictive trading \and leaving the EU allows us to open trade agreements with anywhere in the world and to set our own prices. You notice here no stomping of the feet.
    As to our attitude to the judges, well it wasn’t trashing. It was a very understandable backlash about having two very pro-EU judges in a panel of three.
    Why is it that when I see these arguments by Bremainers it’s always ready to throw insults at those who chose to vote to leave but doesn’t address the problems of the EU that make us want to go. Apart from the obvious mentioned here many of us are unhappy about the millions wasted every month in moving the whole of the EU brigade from one place to another complete with trains especially for files.From Brussels to Strasburg and back with train fares, expenses and everything else is a huge waste of money. How about addressing the nepotism in the EU with MEP’S employing family rather than opening jobs to others and of course their famed expenses scandals. How about trying to force countries to allow convicts the right to vote, or having a department that spent money considering how straight a banana should be?
    I could go on and no doubt you’d accuse me of doing that. But what I want is acceptance of the fact that many Brexiteers votes from reason not malice and that many of us are still thinkers rather than foot stampers who feel that we have valid arguments even if you don’t agree with them.
    Very importantly please stop making it seem like we are all anti foreigners, hate refugees, and want to banish all gays. I don’t mind you being foreign or gay, I supported your right to marriage and am happy about the contribution you have made to the UK but why should you deny my right to say there should be limits set to hoow many this Island can take and can support.


  2. In areas with high leave vote there is a different atmosphere – I campaigned and went from door to door in different constituencies, so I can tell this from my personal experience. The xenophobic element is there, not in everyone but recognisably so. I said ” it seems that much of the Brexit and Trump comes from nowhere else but a position of hate, exclusion and bitter selfishness”, I did not say all of it, sp I do differentiate.
    While you differ from many people I have met, many arguments against the EU were led on wrong assumptions about what can be done about immigration, e.g. ignoring blatantly that all EU leaders say there won’t be access to the single markets without free movement of people. A huge amount of voters seem to think that May will get a special deal for it, that this is all nothing but a charade and chess play by Europen politicians, even though all European leaders unanimously couldn’t be clearer on the matter.
    The judges only interpreted the law of the referendum and got vilified. Their position on Brexit is irrelevant, to insinuate that the top judges would mis-read the law because of their politics is ridiculous. They knew that this would not likely lead to a reversal of Brexit in parliament, only limit apowers of someone who thought they had them as absolute.
    The benefit system suffers from more people getting older, more need for care homes, and not from more immigrants abusing the system. Most EU immigrants work and leaving the EU will only cap those who would contribute. Asylum seekers are a human rights issue. There was some labour over-spending and an unprecedented recession and housing crisis that led to further economic troubles. That led to the cuts, not because of hoards of immigrants.
    The scary figure of 2,000,000 Turks coming to the UK was outright scaremongering, when in fact, Turkey is nowhere near joining the EU, even though Boris Johnson, who came up with this scary figure, now is all for it.
    I read the Economist, in itself a fairly right wing paper, but a very serious and scientific magazine. Sadly a lot of what is being publicised and repeated is not true.


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