It does explain a lot



2 thoughts on “It does explain a lot

  1. Being French, I fervently believe that the church and the State should be separated. Actually, even if I wasn’t French and hadn’t been brought up in that particular secular environment, reason dictates I would still feel that way. Education and religion should not mix either. Putting all that aside, Theresa May is a scary woman in many ways and this is just one example of it.I remember how crushed I was when Tony Blair revealed once he had left office that his Christian faith had influenced some of his policies and decisions – going to war apparently was a “crusade” for him and upon learning this I was filled with horror.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. Even Tim Farron sank in my estimation when I learned he had some wobbling about gay marriage because of his Christian faith. I agree with his politics a lot, but that will always remain at the back of my mind.
    For me, the churches have still too much influence – direct or indirect.


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