Bremoaning the costs of Brexit

Some people say it’s un-democratic to keep talking about Brexit and to “fight against the public decision”.
It really isn’t. Once you have a political goal, you’re allowed to fight for it, regardless of setbacks. I’ve been repeatedly told to shut up about Brexit, but I can assure you: I won’t.

The vote was only about the departure in general, not about the exact destination. How many people hoped for a Norway/ Switzerland model, how many wanted a hard Brexit, how many were immigrant-hating racists and how many only wanted political ‘freedom’. The answers to that are more than debatable. As much as I bemoan the result of that vote, I accept that it happened. But I want at least to help shape the type of Brexit happening, to limit the damage.


Now that we get an idea of how big the price tag for this emotional decision (campaigned for with lies written on a  bus)  is, it’s only natural to keep talking about it and try to avoid the worst possible outcome. We have to. All of our fortunes depend on it.

I quote Peter Black and his great post about what Brexit will cost us.

I refuse to watch passively as  Brexit takes on forms that are damaging to our economy beyond belief. It’s never to late to re-think a mistake. Even I, a remainer, didn’t expect such huge repercussions.

The main thing is, though, that the outcome of one particular vote doesn’t justify the silencing of opposition. Denying us to comment ‘because we lost’ is suppressing democracy itself. To let Boris Johnson and Theresa May make such a mess of things deserves critical comment.

Please unfriend me, unfollow me or block me. Or listen and think.


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