From “Illegal” to “Legal Immigrant” – or at least officially tolerated

15078975_10153820283597132_8183582912423318320_nToday I received my UK residency card. After a LOT of paperwork and bureaucracy (not all bad, I hasten to add) and a few hundred pounds of expenses I am naturally in two minds about this. This post is inspired by a Facebook discussion about the issue and I’m quoting my dear friend Skadi Winter sometimes almost literally in my musings where I agree with her opinions.


Would I want to have the ID from a country which doesn’t welcome refugees? I feel European and hate all the nationality fuss.
Do I now feel better than a’persona non grata’?
Besides, as proven by history, these kind of papers mean really nothing if it comes to the worse. They also divide us into ‘welcomed’ and ‘unwelcomed’ Europeans?

I’ve worked and paid NI and taxes here, so, that doesn’t grant me a status of rights here?
What are borders useful for? To divide people? Instead of living together in peace in a united Europe. I despise nationalism and all that comes with it.

A year ago this piece of paper would have meant a lot more to me. I still have my German passport. I feel extremely International and European and am far from ecstatic over this piece of paper.
But, download-1
I cannot take my family with me and up my roots here as easily as I would like. I am committed to living here and this ‘being tolerated’ certificate helps me to acieve this.
I’ve always believed in contributing to the place where I live and this is what I am doing, by getting the passport I can vote and try and shape this country to its former glory and fight those parts that do not welcome refugees. Going is giving up and making it worse.

I still dream of a world without borders and am now underway to do everything I can to achieve this. Here. My new home, a country with humans, fallible as everywhere else.


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