Boris in Cloud Kuckoo Land

Boris Johnson offering ‘impossible’ Brexit vision

How this man is still in office is beyond me. Is he for real? Worse, though, that some people and newspapers might actually believe him, just because he keeps saying it. It won’t make it true!

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight, Mr Dijsselbloem – who is also president of the eurozone’s Eurogroup – said Mr Johnson was putting forward options that “are really not available”.

“He’s saying things that are intellectually impossible, politically unavailable, so I think he’s not offering the British people a fair view of what is available and what can be achieved in these negotiations,” he said.

EU leaders have continually warned that the UK cannot expect access to European markets after Brexit unless it accepts the free movement of labour.

Mr Dijsselbloem said that while firms in the UK currently have full access to European markets “without any hindrance or customs duties”, some of that “will disappear”.


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