What can you do? #libdemfightback

Politics of reason aren’t all that popular one might think, but go out there and talk to people. I spent the weekend campaigning in Richmond, London, for a by-election that is going to be decided between anti-EU Zac Goldsmith and the formidable LibDem candidate Sarah Olney. I had a great time and wonderfully re-assuring experiences. A lot of people aren’t on social media but if my conversations in Richmond are anything to go by then there is a lot more hope than we might think.14993354_10153791032072132_7435876228390373901_n

Zac “quit” the Conservative party over the third Heathrow runway, yet, his campaign is run by Tory MP’s who are backing the runway, the Conservatives are not fielding a candidate against him, and worst of all, he is backed by UKIP who pulled out of the race to make way for him.

Need I say more?

I had a fantastic time, working hard, delivering leaflets and canvassing. People are really upset with Zac and don’t buy into his ‘resignation’. The Conservatives are effectively backing him, too, so he will vote against the runway and then rejoin, not achieving anything but (a now most likely set to fail) publicity stunt. 15085642_10153793183582132_7268166638578944797_n

Sarah Olney on the other hand is sweeping voter’s support with her mind of reason and her long-standing, genuine opposition to the third runway. Her stance on Europe resonates very well with voters.

For those mistaken about the LibDem position: Yes, a re-run of the Referendum is not what the party proposes, but we’re asking for a referendum on the deal that May is eventually going to negotiate. Her current course is wildly unpopular even with her own party and having to answer to the populate after her negotiations should keep her absolutistic ideas in check.

The LibDems and Sarah accept that we lost the first referendum but believe strongly that before we leave Europe the electorate needs to know what it is getting instead, so it can make an informed decision.

Don’t despair, the voice of reason may be on lower decibel but it is there. What can you do? Speak up, speak out and speak up again! Don’t let the voice of anger be the only one to be heard.



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