Take a Deep Breath…….

I’m finding comfort in sharing so much common ground with David, whose political ideas I may not always share. But this is all about humanity, surpassing the political. Hugs all round!


Since Wednesday it’s felt like the wind has been taken from my sails, the breath forced from my lungs. I’ve sat here stunned, unable to write or even to comment on friends blogs though I have read them carefully to gauge their reactions. It may be that I’ve cultivated a particular kind of friend or it may be that the reactions are pretty  much the same across the board but what I read is pretty much the same, shock !

Some will say MYOB since I’m neither American or living in that country but I feel there are world wide repercussions to the election. But, let’s start with the election itself. I’ve never known an election to match this one before where it became such a cult of personality. Insults and accusations were thrown rather than policies discussed. As far as Trump goes, he didn’t seem to be comfortable discussing…

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