The Big Divide

I feel helpless in view of the huge divide that begins to span not just the Uk and the US but the entire planet.
I know my posts and comments aren’thelping to bridge the gap. I know I won’t change minds so closed and stubborn, nor will others change my views. I’ve listened enough and am saddened and shocked that years of progress are being reversed.
The values under questions are too close to my core.

But how to move forward? This is not about whether income tax should be 5 or 6 % higher, whether we should build solar panels or a bypass. This is about tolerance, integration and unity, the very core of a functioned, civilized society.

The comparison may be sensationalist but cannot be denied: This is what did happen after the world recession in 1929 – a backslash on liberal values and a rise of fascism. Standing by quietly goes against my instincts. I’m German, aware of my country’s past and yet, speaking up only incites more anger and does not penetrate the mind’s of those longing to control women’s bodies, outlaw gay marrige, kick out all foreigners and look inward rather than outward politically.

Watching the decline of reason is utterly painful. The UK needs immigrants – a stastic fact supported by very right-wing papers and magazines, such as the Economist – , but this argument falls on deaf ears. Muslims are being branded enemies, as if there was such a thing as ‘the Muslim’. Trump DID discriminate against blacks, Mexicans, chose a homophobe vice-president and spoke appalingly about and towards women. The clips are on youtube, it’s not fabricated. I might as well talk against a brick wall. People are not prepared to acknowledge it.
How can I stand by and watch this without risking accusations of complicity and lack of civil courage?

After all, without condemning the behaviour of his most violent supporters Trump must be seen as encouraging as much as Theresa May’s silence speaks the same language when it comes to the press attacks on the judges.

The problem is: Liberalism and tolerance are under threat. I don’t object to your choice not to have an abortion, not to ‘be gay’ and not to be a Muslim, Jew or whatever.
BUT, if our society is to function, you need to let others make those choices for themselves. Your freedom stops where it inflicts upon mine.
It’s a clever ploy to call this demand of freedom an intolerance of your freedom. But that’s a twisting of reality. What this demand is, is an intolerance of intolerance.

Remember the values past generations fought for and make sure that the Trump machine does not trumple on all that is decent and honourable. Don’t be blind but keep a watchful eye on the man in charge of the nuclear buttons.



10 thoughts on “The Big Divide

  1. You’re a man after my own heart. I feel just as you do but I suspect it must be much worse for you because of your country’s past. I wish I could go back in time and tell my parents and grandparents and other forebears not to fight, not to sacrifice their lives because, come the 21st century, it will have made not a jot of difference in the fight against fascism. Madness, utter madness. It seems the human race really is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past in a never-ending cycle. I try not to despair because we must do everything we can think of to change attitudes but it’s a struggle not to feel hopeless and helpless.

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  2. I am 100% in agreement here. I will never forget the sinking feeling that overcame me when the election results came in in favor of that horrible man who is now about to destroy everything we have worked so hard to achieve over the past decades. And now we are being told we are being crybabies. Well, if being in mourning over the death of our country merits our being called crybabies, I feel no shame in that. My shame lies in the realization that so many of my fellow-Americans willingly cast a vote for a person who repeatedly showed himself to be a man devoid of morals and basic human decency.

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  3. Trying my best to do what I can in my own little corner of the world. It seems so simple to me. We’re all human beings inhabiting the same planet. We all have a right to be here and to be treated equally, no matter our birthright, our orientations, our religions. Why can’t it just be boiled down to that?

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