We’re all in trouble – bigly.


trump-new-yorkerI almost didn’t write a little something about yesterday, but in the end I was compelled to.
Donald Trump being elected president was not a shock, I’ve seen it coming for weeks now, but it was still very perturbing. I’ve spent the last year telling people it would not happen because even in America, people would not be so foolish. But then, in the last month, when I saw how people seemed totally not bothered by his appalling performances in the debates, it hit me that he was going to win. And he did —God help us all.

People apparently wanted “change”, and apparently they wanted it at all costs. So they turned to an ignorant buffoon to deliver that change because even taking huge steps backwards is better than staying put, apparently.

Even if we ignore the fact Trump mocked the disabled, the fact he wanted to “punch…

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