US election nightmare

The predominant question in German
history lessons about Hitler and the holocaust was: How could this happen? The younger post-war generation held their elders to account, for standing by and letting this happen.
Now we are watching our own generation’s rise of a dictator, politics of ignorance and hate and a utterly unbelievable decline of reason.
A different Republican president would be a political defeat. This is not about left or right or politics, this is about the foundations of our society. Never been so scared

Today the graves of President Lincoln et al are rumbling. Never in the history of my life time has a presidential win affected people like this one. What does this say for the situation when the people (and the media) can’t even have something nice to say to welcome him. All that’s talked about is the way he talked through the campaign to people, his plans to deport people, penalize women who want abortions, defacing women, shouting obscenities, and so much more. Last night just before he won, I watched his HQ, with his voters chanting ‘Lock her up’. What kind of society do you think will come from such antagonizing? Who the hell talks like that and gets away with it? I’ll tell you who, cult leaders brainwash the people to talk like that. Hitler did that. The lost and foresaken who vote for those people because they believe naively that this new order is going to breed new life in the system. Not realizing it’s the devil in disguise.


4 thoughts on “US election nightmare

  1. I’m so heartbroken, Christoph.

    I actually had the thought as I closed my eyes last night that it would be ok if I just didn’t wake up. I’ve never felt that way in my life and I’ve known what it’s like to be a brown woman in a white country.

    I’ve fought against it and held on to doing what I knew to be right in spite of the wrong done to me. I’m tired now.

    I hope you keep up the good fight, my brother. I’m not sure I have any left in me.

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      1. We must. Even now, I feel my hope regaining its strength. My beloved reminded me of how long I have fought for the life I enjoy and that I never have to do it alone.

        I think now is the time for those of reasoned hearts and minds to allow hope to lead them. To allow reason to guide their actions and to allow love to demand their participation in the process of reinforcing that which hate seeks to tear down.

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  2. Very well put Rita. I wish I was better at closing the divide. The intolerance and hate makes me feel I need to take an even stronger position to oppose it, but that may not be the most constructive options. I am just so shocked we’re moving backwards so fast.
    But we must go on!


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