Hypocrisy #Brexit

We should follow the law when it suits the Brexiteers, i.e. ignore injustices before and during the referendum (blatant lies told by politicians who should know better and should be held to account, exclusion of youngsters, UK citizens abroad etc)


now that the law demands parliament to vote on Brexit, the law suddenly can be challenged and independent judges doing their lawful job are put in question?

unbelievable #hypocrisy #lawbykardashianrule


3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy #Brexit

  1. Ouch and Ouch Christoph. Politicians on both sides of the fence were guilty of lies and of trying to inflame the situation to coax the waverers.The newspapers were worse of course. Both sides should be held to account for that. If it makes the Bremainers feel a little more superior I’ll accept a little more of the blame on our side, though please don’t lay it at the door of the voters who don’t carry that kind of power. At this point I see this as just another opportunity to create a little more hate and unrest.
    As for the argument about the exclusion of youngsters and those living abroad. Current legislation doesn’t allow for those under 18 to vote.It has always been the law. Yes, Scotland changed it’s legislation for it’ s referendum but we didn’t. Same goes for those living abroad. Maybe more Brexiters missed out than those that wanted to remain.
    It’s a cheek to refer to those judges as independant given the involvement in the EU of those 3 including one who actually drafted legislation for EU integration. I haven’t bothered whining about them because I feel that it’s an appeal that will make the decision and if they are upheld then you gentlemen of Bremain will have us by the short and curlies. Able to put obstacles and delays in the way of leaving the EU until it just can’t happen any more. We shall accept the Euro and take our place in the Super State of Europe.
    In the meantime these same old arguments are trotted out and sound like Donald Trump explaining just where all the fixes have been put to make sure he can’t win.
    What Politicians did was done by them. The vote by the people was genuine enough and you’re starting to belittle that and ignore the fact that they made a clear wish.In a democracy the losers usually suck it up.


    1. I might have admittedly got carried away with my frustration over comments on social media agreeing with the daily mail. You’re right that inflaming a situation isn’t right.
      It seems law, though, that the referendum is advisory and parliament gets to decide.
      If I’m to suck up the referendum result then those telling me that should in turn quietly suck up the judges and parliament s lawful decision.
      If defeat in a democracy meant to stop fighting we’d still have slavery, racial segregation and inequality because most laws and changes were rejected first.
      Big hugs with much appreciation for the dialogue

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