An Open Letter to the Disunited UK.

I may disagree with David on the Brexit issue but his words are very true and a welcome voice from the ‘Brexit camp’ about code of conduct and decency. Regardless of differences, let’s not forget the basic pillars of society of respect and reason that are an integral part of the Britain we can be proud of


I’m depressed. There, the cat’s out of the bag. But depression isn’t the feeling of self pity many people will claim it is, and not something you can pull yourself together from as some will tell you to do. The days of the father in a working class home telling you to get on with it are far in the past as these days those fathers have tasted it too.

Why am I depressed? Well I’m suddenly having to re-evaluate so much I thought I knew about my country and the people in it. Some are people I thought I knew, and others are those I thought I could trust.  When Brexit came about David Cameron left his post as Prime Minister because he had been a staunch Bremain supporter. The competition started for a replacement and I wasn’t too worried when a Bremain supporter won as she promised the…

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Disunited UK.

  1. Thank you Christoph, Yes we may disagree about the basic premise of Brexit but we recognise without rancour the other’s entitlement to those views provided we continue to show respect for the person. Britain can remain strong if what we do we do in unity and with respect for all sides.
    Whatever else happens, the unfortunate, the poor, the dispossessed and the refugee must be uppermost in all our thoughts.

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