On ‘Bremoaning’ and Theresa Mayhem

I’ve read posts about the ‘unpatriotic’ Bremoaners, as Theresa Mayhem calls us, and criticism of us challenging the vote. 14572331_588401938013304_2056790648814733426_n
I am sorry but I have to respectfully disagree. A move so essential and far reaching should not be decided on a thin margin and excluding Brits abroad, or even EU citizens, settled in the country for 23 years. In Germany – and Turkey – such major decisions need to have a clearer majority, not just 50%, but 60 or 75.
To stop fighting for your believes isn’t un-democratic or a sign of being a sore loser but holding on to what you think is right and best for all. We can’t brush faults in the system away by saying it’s done so let’s ignore the obvious. The referendum system needs reassessing.

Re: Theresa Mayhem – she isn’t doing this to follow the will of the people but to chase the right wing voters, just as she sucked up to the remain camp when she thought they were more likely to support her careerimages (26).jpg
May’s rhetoric since she was elected home secretary and now PM has been homophobic, racist and divisive. She should be standing up for minorities as a leader and do what Gary Lineker does if she wants to make Britain work for everyone. Sadly, I’m not one she includes in her little Britain – at best she tolerates me regardless of contributions  I made to this country, only because she can’t get rid of me legally.
Her speeches at the Party conference were chilling, as is the extra level of bureaucracy at every corner now experienced for foreigners. Renewing your driving licence or applying for citizenship – after 25 years in the country, makes you feel very unwelcome.
She sits quiet as newspaper headlines about truck drivers openly incite racism. In Germany our older generation was judged for standing by and it was said “You might as well have done this yourself, because you let it happen.”

She made it obvious she wants to abolish human rights and workers protection to a large extent, using the Brexit vote as mandate. How can we sit quietly and watch? It’s a democratic right to disagree and our duty to speak up against this madness foretold.

Instead she tries to silence us by calling us names. A leader she is not in the good sense of the word.

If I didn’t live in such a lovely safe bubble with very friendly people around me, and didn’t have UK citizens to look after, I would be gone, too, as many hardworking and contributing Polish people do now. I don’t blame them.

Come on Britain, you’re better than the Daily Mail!


6 thoughts on “On ‘Bremoaning’ and Theresa Mayhem

  1. As far as Theresa May goes, let it be said that at the moment she is leader of her party but does not represent me until I vote for her. I would send her an open letter to tell her to tone down anything in her speeches that could be considered homophobic or racist because those aren’t the opinions I or most people in this country share. I would ask that sh makes sure it’s known that she strongly supports minority groups except where those groups don’t have the best interests of my country at heart, by which I mean radical Islamists who want Sharia law brought here.
    I’m keen to regain the control of legislation in this country that I feel Brexit offers but don’t feel I have to treat foreigners any different to the way I always have. This country needs immigration and I’m ready to recognise that.
    No matter that we have our political differences I assure you I think you have as much right to be here as I and that no matter what I still count you as friend not foe.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. Thanks David. You embody the most wonderful and welcoming aspects of my new home country Wales and I appreciate your ability to agree to disagree amicably. I probably should say that there are parts in your post that I do agree with.
    I wish I had heard the statements about people with long term illnesses that you mentioned on your blog. It is a cause close to my heart, too, and if May, after not being an aid to disabled people in the past, vowes to look after them I would regard that a huge redeeming factor. So far, she seems very cold and uncaring to me.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks again for the dialogue.
    Huge Hugs!

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    1. From her first speech at the conference.
      But for those who can’t work, we must offer our full support — which is why it was so important that Damian Green announced on Saturday that we will end the mandatory retesting of those with chronic health conditions that only induces stress but does nothing at all to help.
      I’m waiting to see how true this proves to be since I know a 65 year old blind person who has been called for review and change from DLA to PIP. I’m also in this category but can’t take the reviews. My wife won every appeal in the past with the approval of their own review panel but it doesn’t stop them trying again…….or does it now?

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